Treating my thyroid and adrenals. A little about nutrition.

I  have had hashimoto’s thyroiditis since age 14.  Most of that time I have been taking Synthroid or other generic levothyroxine.  Recently I learned about Armour Natural Thyroid, and I have been taking that for about 6 months.  I feel so much better.  Now I’m not so cold all the time and I even lost a few pounds.  However, some of the symptoms that people attribute to their thyroid are actually caused by adrenal glands that are not able to produce  enough hormones to deal with stress.  After reading a book called The Diet Cure, I experimented with some high doses of certain b vitamins and also a  b complex.  But I really felt much worse, bad mood swings, so I stopped them one by one.  They I learned from reading some of Adelle Davis’ old books that the b vitamins need to be taken as the complete complex, and they need to be in approximately equal percentages of the RDA.  It’s fine to take more, but it must be balanced in this way.  That’s when I discovered a balanced B-Complex and it really did wonders for my energy level during the day.  And once I switched my multivitamin to one also containing a balanced b-complex I finally could get out of bed in the morning without feeling lousy. Since vitamin C helps the body use the b vitamins more efficiently, and also helps the adrenals I started taking a sustained release vitamin C as well. I had been taking vitamin E already, so once I used up my supplies, I switched to Daily Vitamin Strips to simplify things. Now I forget my vitamins a lot less often.

I also started taking a couple drops of Lugol’s iodine solution each day.  Here is a great article on iodine and health had a recent physical  by a new family practice doctor that I’m trying.  He actually said he can’t feel any enlarged thyroid.  My thyroid has been palpable for 20 years, so either he isn’t very good at checking the thyroid or I’m really doing MUCH better.  It  will be interesting to see what my endocrinologist says the next time he checks. 

I learned about the benefits of a quality cod liver oil awhile ago, and we all are taking that.   I read a book called Nourishing Traditions, which recommends a diet more like what people were eating a hundred years ago, before refrigeration and processed foods were available.  There is lots of great information here that details and expands a bit upon what is in the book this is how we try to feed our family, as best we can.  Grass fed beef, pastured pork, raw milk, fresh fruits and vegetables (preferable organic) lactofermented grains, cod liver oil every day.  They have some great information on what types of fat are healthy, and which ones are harmful.  We really hope to improve the health of our kids, and have a third child sometime soon with no major health concerns.  Nutrition is key.

More recommended reading:

The Schwarzbein Principle: The Program This is Schwarzbein’s most current book.  Pay particular attention to chapter 9.  

Eat Fat Lose Fat By Mary Enig.  Not just about weight loss but also about healthy eating.

Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit  By Adelle Davis.  A vintage book, I recommend only the edition with copyright 1970.  A lot of detailed information about a wide range of both macronutrients and micronutients.  This is a great companion to a more current book such as Schwarzbein’s.   Be aware that Adelle, in her later years, lost her enthusiasm for using powdered milk as a protein supplement.  However, she laid the foundation for later works by other authors, including Schwarzbein.

Know Your Fats by Mary Enig, the ultimate authority on which fats are healthy and which are not. 


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