Summer sure is busy

I signed my 5 year old up for swimming lessons, thinking it would be a good summer activity and great for socialization.  It sure ties us down though, having to get there at 11:15am two days a week.  Today it was canceled due to a power outage at the school, so we had a little extra time.  I wonder how the other parents knew, because I didn’t find out until I showed up there.  I was wondering what on earth to do with the boys now, as it was raining most of the day.  Fortunately I remembered that we actually had a playdate for after swimming.  That worked out well for our rainy day activity.

One of our other weekly activities is occupational therapy, or OT for Jamie.  We have a great OT that is trained to treat sensory integration dysfunction, AND is in network for our insurance.  We do this on Tuesdays at 11am, and it is a 30 minute drive each way.  So that takes up a big chunk of time too.  It’s really interesting to watch how Lynn is able to see what is going on in his head and give him activities to help him calm down or focus.  I learn lots of strategies for home if I watch closely. I’m hoping to expand the supplements I’m giving Jamie and see some improvement for his behavior and attention. I found a special cup for swallowing pills, called Oralflo, and I hope that will allow us to add some more. Hiding them does not work for Jamie, he is so sensitive to textures.

Today before swimming we had our birth to 3 teacher come for Samuel.  He gets a teacher for an hour once a week.  Today she brought a new teacher that they are training.  They helped little Samuel play air hockey with Jamie.  Wow, he is doing great for a 34 month old.  Finally they are learning to play that game together, maybe the parents can catch a break, LOL.  It was nice to have someone new see him, and comment on how well he is talking.  I sometimes forget how far he has come, especially since he only started talking much about 9 months ago.  I never thought a year ago that he would not qualify for school services for preschool.  I really credit digestive enzymes with helping him progress to this point.  And he has even gotten to the point that I can just give him alfalfa, which contains natural enzymes and is a great detoxifer. I have managed to crush it and hide it in his juice. I wish I could get Jamie to take it. I may try hiding it in homemade popsicles. So now I’m trying to catch my Mommy break as my kids are finally in for nap, though a bit late.  One is protesting, he will talk to himself instead of sleeping.  Hmm, I think the monitor is going to be off for awhile.  I can’t understand why he isn’t tired after the playdate.  Too wound up I guess.  I remember the days when he would fall asleep in the car.  I miss that. Well, it is time to come up with something creative to make for dinner. With all our activities today, no time to put anything in the crockpot this morning. I need a “101 things to do with frozen meat at the last minute” book, LOL.


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