The pill swallowing cup, and other adventures

I must say, this Oralflo cup I bought was a joke, and is going to be promptly returned.  I patiently explained to 5 year old Jamie to take a big drink and tip his head back, but he kept sipping around the pill.  Then when he did get the pill in his mouth he would not swallow it, but mouthed it and complained about the taste.  After more explanations and a little yelling, I gave up and crushed his 1/2 b-complex tablet and put it in a half cup of apple juice. I explained that he must drink this before breakfast, and after sipping he pronounced the taste acceptable and drank the juice. I guess he was relieved to stop trying to swallow a pill. Later I tried the pill cup to take one of my own vitamins. Now I can swallow half a dozen vitamins at once, but this cup really made it more difficult just to swallow one small capsule. No wonder it didn’t help Jamie. It’s a good thing they have a guarantee, now I’ll find out if they stand behind it. $12 is a little much for a plastic cup that doesn’t help Jamie swallow vitamin pills.

Doing school this morning with Jamie was a challenge. He just didn’t want to do anything except his music, and even that was a challenge for following directions. But we got through our phonics, handwriting, and math anyway. I don’t get what is so hard for him, we only work on each subject for about 5 minutes. And he is totally capable, just lazy I guess. I like using curriculum, but I wish there was a way to keep things fresh and avoid the routine becoming too monotonous. He really liked it better when we first started. I prefer to do a little school through the summer so we have more flexibility to take days off during the regular school year, so that is why we are doing it now.

We have had a few days of rain, so today I had the boys outside after lunch.  I noticed that the sandbox was full of water, so I dumped that off after bailing with buckets until I could lift the edge.  Does anyone have kids that cover the sandbox?  I am going to ask my husband to drill a few small holes in the bottom, as I believe the cover leaks anyway.  They had a nice time playing in the wet sand afterward, until I came in to check my email anyway.   

And then there are the potty training issues with 34 month old Samuel. He won’t wet himself if I remember to take him to the potty every couple of hours. But he refuses to have a bowel movement in the potty. Today I had him bare bottom for the morning, as it had been 2 days. He started to have a BM then stopped and called for me. I put him on the potty but he refused to finish. So several hours later when I put pants on him to go outside, he went ahead and finished. I cleaned him off with the garden hose, but he just thought that was fun.

So by then I was about used up. We had already had lunch “I don’t want that lunch, Mommy.” Time for nap. I hope they both go to sleep today, I could use the quiet.  Days like this I think the old woman in the shoe knew EXACTLY what she was doing!  LOL.  On a good note, I managed to get oily stains out of a shirt by using our new liquid laundry detergent as a prespotter.  One battle won, anyhow!


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