Our weekend: Green Cleaning and Family Fun

I went on a cleaning kick on saturday. The boys were good, they spent most of the morning in our basement playroom while I sat with them and folded laundry. We have a great sensory integration focused playroom and it has been wonderful for Jamie. I’ll have to post a picture of it soon. I got my husband to take the boys outside so I could mop the floors. I use a Swiffer Wet Jet, which I like, and I managed to make it more of a green cleaning product by rinsing out one of the empty cleaning solution bottles and putting my green all purpose cleaner and using that in the mop instead. It worked as least as good as the Swiffer solution without the strong chemical smell.  My husband had to use channel locks to get enough grip on the cap the remove it before we rinsed out the bottle and put in our preferred cleaning products. 

Then when the boys took a nap I cleaned all our bathrooms. I noticed that my scour-it off paste did a much better job removing my husband’s hair spray layer from the sink than Comet Cleanser used to do. The job went much more quickly with the new green cleaners.

We took the boys to Quassy after nap, as it was carload night. We got to take them to Saturation Station for about an hour, because it is included with the wristband. Samuel hated it because he doesn’t like water on his face or head. I tried to take him on the waterslide with me, but the lifeguard made him go down by himself. Needless to say he wasn’t happy. It was a little chilly, so even Jamie didn’t stay for long. “Mommy, I’m shivering and my teeth are clicking.” Jamie did go in the lake with his Daddy, I think that was a little warmer. Samuel sat in my lap for a long time, wrapped in a towel. It was nice to have him sit and cuddle again. He is getting so independent now that he is almost 3. As he sat there he was studying the rollercoaster. “Car, Mommy?” I told him it was a rollercoaster but that he might not be tall enough to ride it yet. Of course he said “Why?” which he uses quite a bit these days. So once we got them dried off and on a couple kiddy rides it was time for dinner. We broke down and paid for the wonderful amusement park food <sarcasm>.  Before we left Samuel did get to ride the roller coaster with his daddy, I guess he was just tall enough.  He loved it, when it stopped he protested that he didn’t want to get out.  “MORE COASTER!”  I noticed that Jamie has an ever growing list of rides he doesn’t like.  The roller coaster (which he hasn’t tried yet), paratrooper, frog hopper, even the carousel horses, of all things.  I wonder what is going on with his sensory stuff there.  Must be a weird vestibular thing.  He can take all kinds up spinning stuff, but up and down motions he can’t tolerate. 

All in all, a good weekend.  Hope the boys are good tomorrow and not missing Daddy too much when he goes back to work Monday.  I found a few homeschooling ideas in the Oriental Trader’s catalog.  I’m going to see if I can adapt some materials that we already have on hand. 


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