Adventures in potty training and gardening

We had a good day, though pretty busy.  Right after breakfast Samuel had his birth to 3 visit.  He is now getting his teacher and OT visit at the same time two weeks of the month.  It works out great, they are a very good team.  I like his new OT, Stephanie, she is really focusing nicely on treating Samuel’s low muscle tone.  Jamie has a hard time coping with Samuel getting so much attention, so I usually try to do school with him at the same time to keep him busy.  Besides, with our swim lessons it’s hard to fit our school into the morning hours.  Jamie did pretty well after initially balking at starting with handwriting.  Today we did manage to get piano practice done before Judy and Stephanie arrived.  I gave the boys 20 minutes to watch TV after they left today, but I was still having trouble getting Jamie to the lesson on time.  I don’t understand how it takes 10 minutes to get them in the car. 

The swim lesson finally branched out from the usual routine and they let the kids swim the full length of the pool with noodles, 5 kids at a time.  Jamie had a hard time swimming in a straight line, he wanted to swim toward an instructor.  I think this was partly because he was having trouble keeping his face out of the water and didn’t get the idea of breathing through his nose instead of his mouth.  It did make me nervous to have him swimming with less close supervision, as they have only 2 instructors and one lifeguard for about 15 kids.  But I make sure to stay close to where he is swimming even if I have to get up and walk to another spot to sit.  I watch him the whole time, I don’t trust the students that the parks and rec. hired to do the job.

So to get back in line with the title I listed, first the compost.  I made an arrangement to take the rotten fruits and veggies from a nearby farmstand to use for compost.  3 or 4 days ago I arranged this.  I expected to get a box or two.  I got 4 full boxes of stuff to compost.  It’s amazing what they have to throw out in just a few days.  I wonder how much he sells.  I sure hope he is doing well, as the farmstand is located very close to my house.  So convenient.  Now if I could just convince him to carry organic produce I would buy there most of the time.  As for the compost, this will be an interesting experiment.  I want more compost to build up the soil for flowerbeds.  I hope using produce won’t attract too many wild animals.  I have the pile enclosed with wire fencing but not covered. 

So right after I finished dumping the stuff into the pile and breaking down empty boxes, I heard Samuel say something.  I looked and he was standing with his back to the bushes.  Since my husband had let him outside with no pants he decided to use the bush Daddy encouraged him to “water” on a previous occasion.  Only this time he “fertilized” it instead of watering it.  I had to call my husband to bring the dog in and clean up Samuel.  Then I used the dog’s pooper scooper to pick it up and dump it in the toilet.  I never thought I would have to clean up outside after the dog and one of the kids, LOL.


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