Our best family vacation yet

We just got back from a long weekend in Shapleigh, Maine.  A good friend of my husband’s invited us to come up for a few days to stay at his family’s cottage.  Right on the waterfront of, I think, Mousam Lake.  They had a nice clean, sandy beach, and the water was comfortably warm.  The kids had a wonderful time digging in the sand, swimming, and going for boat rides.  “Uncle” Jeff was wonderfully patient with the children, kind, and an incredible host.  His sister and brother in law nearby came to entertain us as well, offering their boats, playing with the kids, watching them so we could eat uninterrupted.  What a rare treat!  Jeff served us a wonderful seafood and lobster feast last night and we ate until we could eat no more.  The boys, of course, turned up their noses at lobster.  No problem with that, LOL.  Jamie preferred burgers.  Samuel accepted the haddock cooked with onions and cracker crumbs. 

I knew enough not to try to waterski, but my husband did and also went tubing.  He is paying for this with sore, stiff muscles all over.  Luckily I was needed to stay at the house while Sammy napped and I just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Jamie did try tubing too, with his Daddy.  Jamie got the benefit of a much gentler ride than Jeff and Greg were given.  LOL.  The boys couldn’t get enough of riding the boats, especially Sammy.  Every time someone got into a boat, even to tinker with it, he wanted in.  But they didn’t pester, unlike other vacations.  They had such a nice time on the peaceful beachfront.  There were a few other children staying nearby and Jamie enjoyed their company.  They were asking for him as we were packing up to leave.  I was so sorry to tell them we were going.  I had thought Jamie was not getting along well with them, it was nice that they asked for him the last day.    One nice thing this year, now that Sammy is a little older, we sent both boys down to the water with strict rules they must have their life jackets on at all times.  We watched them carefully from the deck if we weren’t down on the beach.  Sammy can’t take off his vest, and Jamie kept his on according to the rule.  We use Type I offshore vests because they turn the wearer upright in the water.  Sammy never fell in, but it was good to have with him running up and down the boat dock.  He enjoyed picking rocks up from the shallow area near the beach and dropping them off the end of the dock.  He was very persistent too. 

Tomorrow we will go back to our usual routine.  I hope the boys can be contented playing at home, as I have to work in the afternoon.  Jeff suggested we return for a visit to see the fall foliage in October, so we hope to return for another peaceful weekend.


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