Landmark Supplement Study

I am expanding my daily supplements a bit, as there is a new daily vitamin pack available.  I’m really excited about the sustained release b-complex and vitamin C combination pill in the pack.  I don’t think there are any other sustained release B-complex formulas out there.  Since b-vitamins are not stored in the body this is a great supplement to have.  I found the study used to develop the pack fascinating.  See the abstract from Nutrition Journal here or the full text article here.  The pack is based on the most used vitamin supplements among the healthiest supplement users. 

Results and statistics:

List of 12 published studies on which the new vitamin packs were based:

Expected benefits of the vitamin pack based on the 12 clinical studies

Based on the results the new daily vitamin pack was developed, containing:
2 Multivitamins
Sustained Release C+B (combined Vitamin C and B Complex into 1 pill!)
2 Carotene/Vitamin E/Omega Caps (1 new pill)
1 Probiotic Pearl


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