Good Family Fun

This was a good week with the kids.  Friday we went to Silver Sands State Park, and the boys got to swim, dig in the sand and play with other kids.  We had a hard time finding it, though I have been there a few times.  The directions available on the web are only from I95, and the park’s directions take you to the center of Milford, what good is that?  It looked like the tide was coming in while we were there, so Jamie didn’t have to go far out to swim.  There was no lifeguard on duty, probably because it was a cloudy day and it wasn’t very busy.  That actually worked out good because I could make the boys wear their life jackets the whole time, like I usually do.  It makes it a little easier to watch them in the water.  The bright yellow vests are very visible, and they are Type I offshore vests so if Samuel stumbles, it will turn him face up in the water.  Samuel wouldn’t go out beyond his knees, which meant that I could not swim.  I tried to bring him with me and when I got him in the water he screamed, cried, clung to me, and tried to climb up me.  Jamie enjoyed the water, I had to keep reminding him that saltwater is not for drinking.  Samuel preferred to bring buckets of it up on the beach and pour them into a hole another child had dug.

Today we went to March Farms, in Bethlehem CT to pick peaches.   When we got there we found a sign stating “No Peach Picking.”  Upon further investigation we found that there is a disease affecting the peaches and the farmer is losing about 50% of the crop.  It has to be treated in the spring, just when the flowers drop off apparently.  Too bad they didn’t bother to post this on their website.  My father drove us to a nearby farm where we found an abundance of blueberries, so we had a good time after all.  We bought peaches at Gustafson’s farm, which is also in the area.  The boys enjoyed picking blueberries, then eating them out of their little containers.  Very few that they picked made it home, LOL.  The picking was good, there were large clusters of blueberries with very few green.  The last time I picked was about 5 years ago when Jamie was a baby.  I remember laying him on a blanket under a blueberry bush to keep him out of the sun.  We enjoyed our morning there, and we came home to have blueberry pancakes for lunch. 


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