Real results with Inch Loss Diet Plan

I just wanted to post an update as I previously posted about my husband trying the Cinch Inch Loss Plan. (   You do a shake for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular dinner.  It’s  really easy to use.  There are high protein snack bars included too, as well as an unsweetened instant tea mix.  He has been doing the plan for about 3 weeks now. Only three days after starting the program, he needed to buckle his belt one notch tighter. It isn’t really any more expensive than when he was going out to lunch each day.  He just does the breakfast shake on the weekends, and one week he went on a business trip and didn’t bring it at all. But he has been taking the metabolism boosting supplement faithfully for 4 weeks.  He described the 3 in 1 boost as being like “drinking a triple cappuccino” because he has so much energy. He was previously dealing with a lot of fatigue. But he also said that unlike coffee, which makes you wired and you are still tired, it actually wakes him up fully. One thing he did adjust was that he doesn’t take them past mid afternoon or they keep him awake at night. So he just takes them earlier in the day. He doesn’t feel hungry on the plan either. Today I asked him if he felt that it was working and he gave a resounding “yes!” I noticed his denim shorts looked loose and he said that these were previously very tight. He showed me how they were barely staying on his hips. He hasn’t been checking the scale since the first week, but just going on clothing fit. He did note a 3 pound weight loss the first week, but really, the clothing fit is a better indicator in my opinion.

He actually didn’t get the starter kit until recently because there was a sale on some on the individual items last month. Now that he has the kit I can see how useful it is. Included is computer software to individualize the diet plan, as well as help develop an exercise program. A measuring tape comes with the kit, and this is used to help you track your progress. There is also a pedometer included to encourage you to walk more. You can use this to set a goal for walking for the day and monitor your steps to see if you meet it. The software instructs you to enter your information, including a current weight, and uses this to determine what your daily caloric intake should be. You can then print menus, recipes, shopping lists, etc to plan your meals. You can analyze the nutritional content of a large number of food choices as well. I didn’t realize until he got the starter kit, what a complete plan this is. It not only provides the tools to lose weight, but a way to change your eating habits as well.

Update:  After 6 weeks my husband has lost 11 pounds, and he is very happy with his progress.  He took two weeks off from the diet during the six week period.  One week he was traveling for work and had no refrigerator at the hotel.  The other week we were on a family vacation and he did the shake for breakfast only. 

Another update:  After 10 weeks my husband is wearing his belt 3 notches tighter and fits into jeans he hasn’t been able to wear for 3 years.

You can read more inch loss success stories here.   If you like what you see, please stop back and visit us on our Cinchplan site.

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  1. lornah said,

    October 16, 2007 at 1:46 am

    The diet plan ect sounds good but was he hungry. Also men tend to lose weight much easier then women. I suppose by having a whole kit there would be more motivation to stick with the diet.

  2. jstevens said,

    October 16, 2007 at 8:07 am

    He told me when he was hungry he would usually drink the energy tea and that took care of it. Sometimes he would eat one of the snack bars. Since they are high in protein and low glycemic they sustain better than most snacks. I know the plan was shown to reduce cravings in an independent clinical trial.

    Thanks for your comment.

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