I am a registered nurse working in pediatrics and a homeschooling mother of two young boys. Since the children were born I have been on a quest to learn more about ways to enhance our health the best way, naturally.  Some of the health challenges we are dealing with include hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, sensory integration dysfunction, hyperactivity and attention issues, food allergies, environmental allergies, low muscle tone, and speech articulation problems.  In the past we have experienced colic (x2) allergic colitis, failure to thrive, plagiocephaly, and multiple developmental delays.  We have discovered some great vitamins and nutritional supplements with guaranteed potency, purity, and clinical performance and we are enjoying the results of using these quality products.  We and our children are healthier and the kids are learning and thriving.  For the sake of our health and to care for the environment, we have also chosen to use only nontoxic, green products to clean and care for our home.  To learn more, see www.shaklee.net/good_health.  


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  1. Melissa said,

    December 22, 2007 at 2:04 am

    I was very happy to come across your site. I have, in this year, started distributing Shaklee and have found that it has been wonderful for my family.

    It is good to find other Shaklee homeschool families. I am home with our kids and do Shaklee when I can. I really love the products, but like you, we are on a tight budget. I also homeschool 2 out of my 4.Their ages are 2,4,6, and 9. We use Math-U-See too but have an older version for 1st and 2nd grades combined…the skip counting is a great foundation. Some days I wonder if we are progressing fast enough, but then it clicks for that lesson and I know that we can move on. We do alot of “real life” examples too that really bring it home. (no pun intended)

    Thanks for the good description for help with the cold and flu.
    I’m glad to come across your site. I will keep checking in and seeing how life is with you. I know I need to put more about family on mine. As you know, homeschooling is a busy life.
    All the best,
    Melissa M.

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